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In books stores in Russia - end of April 2014
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Published by Olma Media Group

Welcome to the world of the

Here you have the opportunity to delve into the real secret world of espionage, which you can read about now in the series of
 'KGB Girl' spy novels.

is the first novel in the series of the KGB Girl's adventures,
available to purchase from Kindle Amazon for £1,94 / $3,07
(this ebook is suitable for Kindle, PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, etc).

 In this exciting spy thriller, a Russian undercover agent in London, Sasha, aka KGB GIRL, finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy plot, which involves tycoons, Russian oligarchs, politicians and secret service agencies.

Famous Russian Oligarch in exile Abram Galinsky is assassinated in his countryside mansion outside London, leaving behind his diary containing coded and encrypted notes, which unveil some of his most dark and terrifying secrets.

Who has assassinated him, how and why?

As David Kelly, the detective of Scotland Yard is trying to uncover the truth, the never ending twists and turns continue to tangle the investigation.

All is not what is seems.

What is KGB GIRL's role in all of these events? Who is she? A skillful master of disguise, manipulator, well trained and highly intelligent spy,
she is never far away.




Copyright © 2007 by Sasha Nerozina
First Edition 2007, A5 paperback, 250 pages
First published in UK, October 2007
   ISBN 978 0 9557254 01



Copyright © 2009 by Sasha Nerozina
Third Revised Edition 2009, A5 paerback, 350 pages
First published in UK, February 2009
 ISBN 978 09557254 32

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